The Deschutes River

The Deschutes flows north through central Oregon, eventually draining into the Columbia. Several sections are suitable for overnight float trips in addition to the stretch from Warm Springs to Maupin highlighted here. Caution should be taken in planning multi-day float trips as un-runnable falls divide these sections. What this section of the Deschutes lacks in whitewater action it makes up for in fish. Near Warm Springs, fishing guides and their drift boats outnumber rafts. Much of this section simply drifts quietly along through the scenic basalt grasslands of Oregon and thus offers a nice option for family rafting trips. The high point is Whitehorse Rapid. The low point is the fact that a very active rail line follows the entire route. Rapids increase as you approach Maupin.

Put-In: Hwy 26 Boat Launch near Warmsprings

Take-Out: Maupin City Park

Miles: 45

Managing Agency: Oregon State Parks

Campsites: Deschutes Campsites