The Lower Salmon River

The Lower Salmon is the rafting trip of choice for many who fail to get a permit on either of the upstream sections of the Salmon River. This stretch offers even bigger white sand beaches, lots of mining ruins to explore, and several serious rapids. In fact, Slide Rapid limits when the Lower Salmon is run-able for most parties. Well into the summer, Slide is beyond most boater's capabilities, yet in later July and August, it virtually disappears. Be sure to consult flow levels when planning a trip. Note that Pine Bar offers an alternative to Hammer Creek as the launch point. The Salmon joins the Snake at one of the great river confluences of the West, so trips on the Lower Salmon actually take out at the same boat ramp, Heller Bar, as float trips through Hells Canyon of the Snake. Consult the notes about slow progress in the final section of the Snake Hells Canyon.

Put-In: Hammer Creek Boat Ramp

Take-Out: Heller Bar

Miles: 73

Managing Agency: BLM Cottonwood Field Office

Campsites: Lower Salmon Campsites